Friday, April 15, 2011

VLC Media Player Security Update

VLC developpers have released a new version of the program that patches another security vulnerability in the program.

The built-in update checker does not seem to recognize the new update yet, which means that VLC users need to download the update from the homepage of the project to install the program update manually.
Downloads for all supported operating systems are available on this page.

You can verify the version of VLC by clicking on Help > About in the program interface, or with the keyboard shortcut Shift-F1.

4 commentaires:

Fugazi said...

It is always nice to keep up with technology. Sometimes it can get ahead of some people so fast they lose touch with it. Following so I dont fall behind any.

AK said...

This was helpful, thanks :) I'm following.

freightblog said...

very sad that there are always some ways to attack vlc

Furious Caulks said...

anyone else think vlc is going down hill lately?

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