Monday, April 18, 2011

Pope says technology can't replace God

Speaking to a Roman Catholic crowd at a Palm Sunday event, Pope Benedict said that humans have always had a desire to be like God and have accomplished much over the years, such as flight, through the use of technology.

The Pope has said that technology "can't replace God" and that Man will "pay for his pride" if he thinks technology can give him equivalently divine powers.

He said that technology has helped Mankind, but that it has also increased the possibility for evil,

Benedict highlighted recent natural disasters, such as the Japanese earthquake, as evidence that humanity is not all-powerful.

He said that Man needs to "abandon the pride of wanting to become God" if a meaningful relationship with God is to be attained.

The Pope has previously spoken out against advances in technology, including the Internet. Last year he said that the Internet can exacerbate tensions, lead to "intellectual and morale relativism", not to mention the "pollution of the spirit", which we imagine ranks higher than environmental pollution in his list of dangers.

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Kingmush said...

In ways he is right and can't really dissuade his opinion as it is kind of true that technology while helpful also brings on disaster. Although to that, I feel technology will also help us get out of disaster rather than "God".

RobinV said...

Not saying I believe in God, but... What if God gave us technology to take care of ourselves? Itd save him a lot of work..

Peter said...

If some "God" gave us the power and intelligence to build and use technology, we should surely be allowed to use it without limitation by bureaucracy?

Fugazi said...

Religion will always reign.

C Mo Gunz said...

this is very true! technology can never replace god!

amBored said...

technology can I hope

Eric Peterman said...

lol your picture made me laugh pretty hard

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