Saturday, April 16, 2011

Google Video Closing Down

Before Youtube, Google tried to conquer the video hosting niche with a service that they called Google Video.

When they discovered that they could not compete with Youtube, they bought Youtube and made people forget about Google Video.

 The service was not closed down immediately after the Youtube purchase, but it was clearly put on the backseat. Uploads were disabled in 2009 but hosted videos continued to be served.

Google recommends Youtube after finding out that Google Video was not the Internet user’s favorite service.

You could naturally upload the videos to Youtube, which on the other hand raises the question if you should do that, or look for a more reliable hosting solution.

While it is unlikely that Youtube will be closed down in the near future, users would probably have said the very same thing about Google Video.

Alternatives are popular video hosting sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, MetaCafe or Photobucket.

What about webmasters who have embedded those videos on their websites and blogs?

They need a third party solution to download this videos, or they could try and find the same or a similar video on other video hosting sites.

One of the easiest options to download those videos is to use the Firefox extension Download Helper.

Keep in mind that you have less than 14 days left to download the videos.

Video owners have two additional weeks to download their videos from the video hosting service.

7 commentaires:

Anonimess said...

They should have never tried competing with youtube. market was owned. Then again. Facebook took over social networking. But only because it was much better than anything else.

JustinCKO said...

Agreed with about, Facebook is overpowering, and is pretty much an internet giant now.

1HipHopBlog said...

Never did like using them, always seemed to freeze and such.

Ronald said...

wow thats crazy!!!

Dre said...

I actually liked google videos. :(

OatmealStout said...

I was not aware of this. o.O

Eric Peterman said...

whatever, youtube is better anyway, and google owns it so theyre bound to make it perfect anyway

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