Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Facebook Send Button. What Does It Do?

Facebook has a new button. It is called Facebook Send .

Facebook Send allows you to send a web page or message to select friends, groups or email addresses. That’s different from Like which posts the message to all Facebook friend’s on the profile wall.

With Facebook Send, you could send your tech interested friends a new review of a cool tech gadget.

A click on the Send button on a website triggers either a Facebook login, if you are not logged in already, or a small sharing window where you can add recipients at the top and a message at the bottom.

Website owners who already use a Facebook Like button on their website can add the attribute send=true to the code to add the Send button next to the Like button.

It is furthermore possible to create a standalone send button and place that on the website.

The code can be generated on Facebook’s Developers website.

What’s your take on the new Send Button?

7 commentaires:

Fortune said...

Actually did not see that yet. Then again I don't notice most of the ninja updates Facebook sneaks past me until I'm told.

Forfeiture said...

Never even noticed it until now haha

gman said...

like forfeiture, i never noticed it before

Athanasian Echo said...

Just like gman, who is just like Forfeiture, I have never noticed that either. I know I'm definitely going to be using that for my stumbles though.

Two Turtles said...

My take is facebook has too much crap these days. The whole point of going there over myspace was that facebook was simple and clean without a ton of features.

Skeng said...

Good to know didn't even see it.

fit4life said...

the one thing facebook wont add is a damn dislike button.

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