Tuesday, April 26, 2011

iPhone Tweetdeck 2.0 Released

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Popular Twitter client Tweetdeck is a popular cross-platform Twitter client based on Adobe AIR technology and one of the more useful clients for selective Twitter users, they released a new version for iOS devices, and is completely rebuilt from the ground up to be faster, sleeker, and more efficient.

The app's navigation seems to have been through a major overhaul.

Tweetdeck 2.0 is a free app for devices running iOS 4.0 or later, and is available at the iTunes App Store. Tell us what you think of TweetDeck's "re-imagining" in the comments.

Find out more at the Tweetdeck blog

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Lux said...

I'll check it out

Paulie Pecans said...

That's neat.

Mario said...

Cool. do more on it

Anonimess said...

twitter is S#!7

fit4life said...

isnt twitter mainly meant for phones?

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